George Street Playhouse Needs No Act of God, Just Determination

Theater's Temporary Space Feels Like Home
In May 2017, George Street Playhouse announced that it would present its 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons at 103 College Farm Road, just off of Route 1 in New Brunswick -- 2 miles from its former home on Livingston Avenue. Formerly known as the Agricultural Museum of New Jersey, and now owned by Rutgers University, the site will serve as the interim location of the Playhouse for two years as its future home-a state-of-the-art performing arts center whose construction is underway-is built on Livingston Avenue.

The move to a temporary theater space could have been derailing for some institutions, but George Street Playhouse makes it look easy. This week, as the Playhouse begins a four-week run of of David Javerbaum's "An Act of God" staring legendary actress Kathleen Turner playing (who else?) God, George Street Playhouse is in full swing, making the most of its new, albeit temporary, beloved home.

"We've transformed an agricultural museum into a theater space," said Kelly Ryman, Managing Director, George Street Playhouse. "That is a clear indication of how serious we to be a first-class theater, no matter the location."

Indeed, George Street Playhouse worked tirelessly through the summer to create the 190-seat theater, and took "great pains" to make sure there nothing was "makeshift" about the new space, Ryman said.

Replete with free, onsite parking, no steps into the main entrance, and a cafe, it feels like an upgrade. "We opened at the beginning of October and we won't be back downtown until fall 2019, so we made every effort to make this a permanent-permanent for now-space for our productions.

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