Member Spotlight: Meet Gus Sleiman, Chair of the Salvation Army Advisory Board

Gus Sleiman holds many hats when it comes to his career.
He is a business owner in New Brunswick, a restaurateur and entrepreneur. But his most fulfilling job is serving as chair of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

Gus is part of a team of 15 - The Board Members of the Salvation Army in New Brunswick. He focuses on the word "team" because it takes special people to get the work done.

The Board Members to-do list is long and aggressive. But it is well worth their time and effort. As a team, they are responsible for building a strategic plan that focuses on sustaining existing programs, creating new programs to meet market demands and generate funding to support their many programs, especially their flagship program " Pathway of Hope" in order to transform lives within the community.

Gus joined the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce in March 2017 to represent the Salvation Army.

"I wanted to create exposure for the Corps," Gus said. "I wanted to show the great work we are involved in and the positive impact we leave on the community. And although I have been working with the Chamber for a short period of time as a representative of the Salvation Army, the experience has been nothing short of amazing. The programs, networking and how could I forget the people from the chamber have been extremely helpful.

"Being with the MCRCC created awareness for the Salvation Army. The chamber showcases our work and has been a solid supporter of our programs and our mission. My only regret is not joining the MCRCC earlier," Gus added.

Gus said he is fortunate for what he does as a professional because it allows him the freedom to invest time and skills in the nonprofit world.

"My goal one day? My goal is to establish a program that helps kids have a solid attempt at college admissions," Gus said. "Education is the most impactful platform that can change someone's life and in return can change a community. Isn't that the goal in the end?"

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Board Members at monthly meeting preparing for their Open House (that took place on July 18th) from left to right. Andrew Hodulik, Michael McClelland, Rosa Schmidt (Co-Chair), Erika Zavala (Administrator), Captain Aloir Andrade, Captain Ruth Andrade, Angelica Garcia (Olmedo), Willie Williams, Washington Acencio, Gus Sleiman.