Get To Know Douglas Martin

Douglas Martin has been the Artistic Director at the American Repertory Ballet (ARB) for nine years and a performer for the American Repertory Ballet for 25 years.
Martin has premiered a new production of Nutcracker (which has been performing at the State Theatre New Jersey for 40 years) and choreographed several new works including Ephemeral Possessions, Pathways, Rite of Spring, Firebird, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream and Pride and Prejudice.

The ARB will be moving into a new home next September in New Brunswick and sharing the new complex with the George Street Playhouse, Crossroads and Rutgers Opera.

Right next door to the State Theatre New Jersey, the new complex will have two different theatres for performances, one that will hold 500 people; the other for 200 people. When the main performing groups will not be on stage, other performing groups will be welcomed to come in and use the complex.

"When you invest in art, it means you are investing in business," Martin said. "This project has been in the works for decades. The new complex will bring more arts to New Brunswick and that will expand the relationship between art and the Hub City.

"American Repertory Ballet has been a traveling performance company," Martin added. "It's nice to know we will have a home now for people to visit whenever they want."

The ARB has been members of the MCRCC for four years.

"It's a wonderful opportunity to network with other members of the chamber who also do business in Middlesex County," Douglas said. "We are able to develop valuable relationships, which, in the end, helps grow our business and expand our reach to hopefully connect with potential audiences.

"Over the years we've made valuable connections by being members," Douglas added. "I feel being a member has also enhanced ARB's visibility in the community, which is now more important than ever with the opening of our new home at the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center. We look forward to seeing you all there!"
Douglas Martin, Artistic Director at the American Repertory Ballet

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