Why Middlesex?

Middlesex County, with a vast and rich history has grown tremendously since it’s founding in 1675. The 2010 Census reports that the population of approximately 809,858 (population per square mile is 2,621.6), has grown 7.9% over that last ten years.

Middlesex boasts of a very culturally diverse demographic of residents and business owners. Most notable is the increase in the Asian population. According to the 2010 Census, people of Asian descent in Middlesex county accounts for 21% of the county's total population. Asian Indians account for 61.57% of the county's Asian total population. The population of Asian Indians in Middlesex County is larger than that of all the other groups combined. The Hispanic population is also on the rise, occupying 13.59% of the county. With that, there has been an increase in retail, restaurants and religious entities to meet the demands of the population.

Major employers, such as Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey and Johnson & Johnson are leaders in the economic growth of the county. Rutgers University, founded in 1766, is a tremendous asset to Middlesex County and New Jersey at large. Its history and contribution to the community has helped Middlesex gain the slogan “The Greatest County in the Land.”
Johnson & Johnson also has longevity in the Middlesex community and has brought great benefit to the county. They are one of the many other major companies at the pulse of the success we proudly convey.

Healthcare, higher education, public transportation and beautiful county parks help the city to thrive and grow. Access to major highways and public transit lines also contribute to make the county a flourishing and prosperous community.

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Major International Airports

Newark Liberty International Airport (20 miles from central Middlesex County)
John F. Kennedy International Airport (50 miles from central Middlesex County)
Philadelphia International Airport (65 miles from central Middlesex County)

Public Transit Lines

NJ Transit
Suburban Transit
Academy Lines